If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.
— Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Old Port Consulting is a key partner in helping capital providers achieve out-sized returns on their investments.  Whether during new investments, significant strategic decision points, or periods of change and renewal, better information is the key to better decisions.


Old Port Consulting's principals have worked on domestic and international M&A, equity and debt origination due diligence, market research studies, balanced scorecard reporting initiatives, and turn-around revitalization.  The common thread through these various projects and partners has been the need to get beneath the surface of financial information.  At Old Port Consulting we are determined to provide more than the standard repackaging of information that most transaction service providers dispense. We are determined to provide in-depth analysis and perspective that will enable our partners to consistently drive value.  We believe our combination of detail oriented accounting diligence, coupled with private equity investment experience and data driven predictive analytics can produce unparalleled insights and understanding. 


Old Port Consulting has a number of service offerings for investors and lenders including:

On-site due diligence

Old Port Consultant's team of experienced private equity veterans and Certified Public Accountants provide a complete review of the target company's financial performance, market dynamics, and leadership team.  Beyond simply understanding if the company's financials are in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, our analysis digs into the true quality of earnings and the likelihood of the target continuing to achieve them in the face of current competition and macro-economic factors. 


Financial information contains a wealth of information and many times, when spread properly and analyzed against historical periods, budgets and forecasts, they can reveal many of the red flags of a more time intensive on-site analysis.  OPC and our team of CPAs can provide a thoughtful analysis of the target's financial performance, highlighting the most important issues and potential red flags.

Financial reporting review

Sometimes all you need is a gut check that the numbers you're using can be trusted.  With a thorough review of the P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements, in conjunction with supporting documentation, such as general ledgers, trial balances, check registers, agings and cash reconciliations, OPC can give you an improved confidence in the numbers and your conclusions.  This offering is useful during both new investments, but also in the early stages of portfolio management.

Operating company review

Please see our section for "Senior Executives" to see how OPC can improve the financial reporting and data analysis functions in your operating companies.